Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer With Us?

At Our Hospice of South Central Indiana, we believe that the spirit of giving is transformative. As a part of our community-driven mission, we’ve proudly served our 22-county service area for over four decades. Through volunteerism, you have the unique chance to make a significant impact in the lives of our patients and their families.

Diverse Volunteer Opportunities

  • Patient/Family Support: Be the comforting presence for patients and families, creating a supportive atmosphere.
  • On-call Support: Step in during immediate need situations to provide swift assistance and care.
  • Bereavement Support: Aid families navigating the complexities of grief, offering a listening ear and empathetic heart.
  • Clerical Roles: Assist our team with essential administrative tasks like filing, phone answering, computer entries, and mailings.
  • Fundraising: Be part of our initiatives to ensure continuous high-quality care.
  • Inpatient Facility Roles:
    • Patient/Family Support
    • Clerical Assistance
    • IPF Ambassador
    • Music and Memories Program Assistance
    • Gardening


Every volunteer undergoes a comprehensive training tailored to their chosen area of volunteerism, ensuring you’re prepared and confident in your role.

Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program

We recognize the deep bond formed between individuals who’ve served our nation. Our innovative Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program focuses on pairing Veteran volunteers with hospice patients who are also Veterans. This mutual understanding fosters a unique connection, enabling life review, mutual respect, and healing.

Why are Veteran Volunteers Vital?

  • They uphold the values of quality hospice care.
  • Veterans share a unique language and set of experiences.
  • The camaraderie between Veterans can be immensely therapeutic.

Activities for Veteran Volunteers:

  • Engage in life story reminiscing with fellow Veterans.
  • Educate and help patients access their Veteran benefits.
  • Participate in Veteran Day pinning ceremonies and other related events.
  • Assist in the replacement of lost medals.

Join Our Volunteer Team

Are you ready to make a difference? We’d be honored to have you on board. For more information or to get started:

For a detailed overview of Our Hospice of South Central Indiana and the volunteer process, please request our comprehensive volunteer packet.

Take the step, be the change, and enrich lives. Volunteer with Our Hospice of South Central Indiana today.

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