Veteran Care

Supporting Those Who Served

Our mission at Our Hospice is to provide unparalleled end-of-life care to Veterans, a responsibility we hold with great honor and commitment. Through our strategic partnerships with VA facilities and various Veteran organizations, we are uniquely positioned to understand and cater to the distinct needs of Veterans living in the communities we serve.

Why Choose Us?

We recognize the unique challenges that Veterans can face when hospice care is needed. With our specialized tools, resources, and compassionate approach, we are dedicated to easing this transition with dignity and respect.

Pinning Service: Honoring Our Heroes

It’s our privilege to recognize the valor and service of our Veterans through a special Pinning Service. This ceremonious occasion allows us to express our gratitude for the bravery and dedication that define the Veteran community.

Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program

Veterans are cordially invited to participate in our Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer program. Volunteers are a vital part of our WHV (We Honor Veterans) program, fostering a profound connection with hospice Veteran patients.

Here’s how Veteran volunteers can enrich our hospice care:

  • Sharing Life Experiences: Interacting and bonding with fellow Veterans, creating a supportive and understanding environment.
  • Assisting with VA Benefits: Guidance and support to navigate the often complex world of VA benefits.
  • Attending Veteran Honor Ceremonies: A collective celebration of service, sacrifice, and community.
  • Emotional Support: Providing a compassionate ear and a shared understanding of the unique life experiences of Veterans.

Get Involved Today

We welcome Veterans and their families to explore our dedicated services and participate in our community programs. Our Hospice is honored to serve those who have served us, providing care, recognition, and an extended family of support.

If you’re interested in volunteering, learning more about our Pinning Service, or seeking hospice care for a Veteran, please contact us.