Hospice Care and Mental Health


Mental health is a critical component of the well-being of the people receiving hospice care. While the feeling of physical comfort is usually the main goal, the mental and emotional health must also be taken care of among patients who are challenged by end-of-life issues. Mental health support is integrated into the hospice care system […]

Choosing the Right Hospice Care: Essential Questions to Guide Your Decision


Your selection of a hospice care organization may be one of the most important decisions you ever make, either for yourself or for a loved one in transition to hospice care. What you find in a provider but rather find in a partner in care that aligns with your needs, values, and expectations. This is […]

Deciding On Hospice: When To Start Hospice Care


Quality end-of-life care is a critical aspect of healthcare that often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. At the heart of this care is hospice, a service designed not to cure, but to provide comfort and support to those nearing the end of their life journey. Choosing when to start hospice care is a profound […]

Embracing Early Hospice Care


Hospice care remains a rich and compassionate choice that significantly improves life quality for the person diagnosed with a terminal illness early in his journey. OurHospice.org seeks to enlighten the importance of early hospice care and erase some preconceived misconceptions to help families make this very important decision with understanding and empathy. Understanding Hospice Care […]

How Hospice Supports the Caregiver and Family


In the journey through terminal illness, there comes a time that hospice care presents an unending beacon of hope and support, not just for the patient but his or her family and caregivers. Our Hospice of South Central Indiana is a leader in providing this compassionate care, making sure every moment counts. The article focuses […]