Transform a Memory into a Lasting Legacy

At Our Hospice, we offer timeless tributes that make a difference. Choose to engrave a leaf, donor stone, or patron dove on our Tree of Life wall, or lay a foundation of remembrance with a personalized brick in our Brick by Brick campaign. Your gift doesn’t just honor a life—it enriches the lives of those we serve every day.

Tree of Life

A Lasting Way to Remember a Loved One

Discover the Heart of Remembrance with Our Hospice’s Tree of Life—a captivating centerpiece that graces the halls of our Inpatient Facility. Celebrate the extraordinary life of someone dear to you by adding a personalized leaf, stone, or dove to this living tribute. Alternatively, consider making a heartfelt donation to Our Hospice as a meaningful alternative to flowers.

For contributions of $1,000 or more, we offer the opportunity to immortalize your message and the name of your loved one on a crafted piece of solid bronze—be it a leaf, a donor stone, or a patron dove. Your generous gift not only honors the memory of someone special but also serves as an enduring emblem of life and hope.

Make a Gift to Our Hospice:
Leaf – $1,000
Donor Stone – $2,500
Patron Dove – $5,000


Brick By Brick

Leave an indelible mark on the path to healing and hope with our Brick by Brick initiative. Immortalize the names of your loved ones, friends, or organizations on inscribed bricks that grace the walkways of Our Hospice Center and the tranquil environs of the Our Hospice Serenity Garden. Your Brick by Brick contribution not only etches a lasting legacy but also fuels Our Hospice’s essential services, touching countless lives when they need it most.

Make a Gift to Our Hospice:
Engraved Brick 8” x 4” – $125
Engraved Brick 8” x 8” – $250

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