Embracing Early Hospice Care

Hospice care remains a rich and compassionate choice that significantly improves life quality for the person diagnosed with a terminal illness early in his journey.

OurHospice.org seeks to enlighten the importance of early hospice care and erase some preconceived misconceptions to help families make this very important decision with understanding and empathy.

Understanding Hospice Care

Hospice care is a unique kind of care given to people who have life-threatening or advanced illnesses and need care that will provide special, all-inclusive treatment for him or her, with the major goal being life quality. Unlike palliative care, hospice care can actually begin at any stage of the illness, or even while you are healthy. It is offered during the last few months and centers on the comfort and dignity of the patient.

The Myths Surrounding Hospice Care

These, therefore, bring about many misunderstandings that bring hesitancy to considering hospice early, such as looking at it as giving up hope or resorting to it as the last one when, in real sense, it is about living your remaining life as fully as possible.

While the barriers still exist, OurHospice.org works to break these down through the power of education and discussion that emphasizes the proactive, life-affirming choice hospice care represents.

Benefits of Early Enrollment in Hospice Care

Early enrollment in hospice can significantly improve the quality of life for both patients and their families. This, therefore, ensures better management of the symptoms and comfort with reduced waste in terms of running to the hospital for every little thing and incurring avoidable costs. Moreover, emotional and psychological support is made available in their time of need to give an opportunity for relief and counseling through difficult times. Further, early care empowers patients; hence, wishes and meaningful experiences with the family are lived through.

Choosing Hospice Care: A Guide 

The election for hospice care calls for frank discussions concerning choices made in end-of-life wishes, both from the point of health care providers and the family. It is being sensitive and knowing when to recognize a subtle change from a focus on cure to comfort, ensuring the remaining time is spent peacefully, surrounded by the love and support of others.


Hospice care is not so much focused on the end as it is on squeezing the most out of every possible moment left. From its origins, hospice care speaks testimony of love, compassion, and dignity, offering a modality by which the pursuit of a more peaceful and fulfilling end-of-life experience. At OurHospice.org, we are committed to being here for all the care and support needed through this transition. 

Will you or a loved one benefit from a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness? Better patient care is one of the ENHANCED benefits of early hospice care. Please don’t wait; contact OurHospice.org for advice and support. We’ll help you make every moment really count.