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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Our Hospice?
What's the difference between "curative" and "palliative" care?
Is Our Hospice a religious organization?
What does Our Hospice Medicare and Medicaid cover?
What's the difference between regular Medicare and Our Hospice Medicare?
Does Indiana have a Our Hospice Medicaid benefit?
Where does Our Hospice get its operating funds?
What does the admissions process involve?
Where is Our Hospice care provided?
Does Our Hospice have an Inpatient Facility?
Can Our Hospice admit patients who do not have a physician?
Can we keep our own doctor?
What ages does Our Hospice serve?
Does Our Hospice just take patients with cancer?
Is a living will or "Do Not Resuscitate Order" (DNR) needed for admittance to Our Hospice?
Does Our Hospice have patients in nursing homes?
What if we have a problem on a weekend or holiday?
Are all Our Hospice patients pain free at the time of death?
What is bereavement support?
How can I become a Our Hospice volunteer?
Does Our Hospice use and disclose my protected health care information?